Membership Type

  1. 1. Active Membership-Paid Membership
  2. 2. Non-Active Membership-Free Membership
Membership Fees

  • Active Membership Fees

    Initial Joining Fee: Rs. 3,000/-[One Time Registration Fee Rs. 1,000 /-(Non-Refundable) & Annual Membership Fee Rs. 2,000/-]
    Annual Renewal Fee : Rs.2,000 /-

The Membership Application process starts with submitting the following items to the ATA:

  • 1. Completed ATA Membership Application Form
  • 2. Membership Fee
  • 3. Self-attested photocopy of any one: Passport, Voter-ID Card, PAN Card, Driving Licence

Approved applications will receive Member status for the period of One Year. During this time they are entitled to all the ATA benefits. We need 15 working days to process memebership application after receiving payment.

Membership Benefits & Eligibility


Memebership of the ATA is open to anybody who is 18 years of age and above with an interest in Technical Analysis.

Membership Benefits for Active Member

International Affiliation: The ATA is an affiliated member of the International Federation of Technical Analysis (IFTA) which helps members keep abreast of international markets and technical analysis techniques. Also, ATA members are eligible to enroll in IFTA's certifications programs (the Only member of an IFTA affiliated/developing society can sit for these exams).
Members are also entitled to receive IFTA's Quarterly Newsletter & Yearly Journal.IFTA Newsletter reaches to 7,000 IFTA colleagues wordwide and IFTA's Journal is essential reading for academics, students and practitiner of Technical Analysis in all areas. It is an excellent reference source for those interested in Technical Analysis, containing a wealth of resouce material. The Journal provides colleagues and interested persons with continuing education in Technical Analysis.

Access to Premium Contents: Members have access to Premium contents including ATA's meeting power point presentations, Chartists'Coner, Situation Vacant, and IFTA Newspaper. Online discussion forums provide a simple and convenient way for ATA members to share knowledge and collaborate. Through ATA's Blog members can share and discuss their thoughts, experiences and ideas wiht professional traders,technical analysis and other members of ATA.

ATA Meetings: ATA meetings are bi-monthly events and provide an excellent opportunity to meet and discuss ideas and techniques with leading Technical Analysts and other members/traders across India. This is a major educational event for our members. Members can attend these meetings at nominal charges, non-members are required to pay a registration fee. Member Discounts: Members receive discounts from our Strategic Associates (Discounts mentioned wherever applicable) on a range of products and services related to the financial markets. This includes books, videos, Share broking services etc.

1. Procedure for Active Membership

Register, print and sign the Membership Application Form and send it along with the membership fee, two passport size photographs & self-attested photocopy of any one (Passport, Voter-ID Card, PAN Card, Driving Licence) to the address given below:


E-364, Lower ground floor, Greater Kailash part – 2
New Delhi – 110048.


Procedure of Membership

Active Membership

3,000.00 Yearly

Non-Active Membership

0.00 Yearly